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YEPP supports disengaged Youth from all walks of life to become independent and find their direction in life. Through the  variety of programs offered, we equip our youth of their future by introducing them to the realities and expectations of living and working in their chosen communities.

Our methods of working with young people provides them with an understanding of the necessary skills to be able to effectively find their direction and become a valued member of the community.

By offering life skills and fundamental support, YEPP encourages our youth to recognise their current skills and knowledge and to assist them to learn the necessary skills to move forward into exciting new areas of their life.


We have a number of support personnel for our program with varying levels of expertise in several professional fields. The idea for our program derived from our passion to improve opportunities for young people to obtain education and training and gain employment.


Our experience includes working with underprivileged and misunderstood youth, including youth in care, runaways and homeless. We also work with young people who leave school because they don’t fit in, or due to the learning environment not being suitable for their needs.


Personnel skill-sets include a wide variety of training courses and experience in the field working with young people.


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